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Supporting individuals with Down Syndrome

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The Kennedy Willis Center on Down Syndrome has been a catalyst for progress and in defining Best Practices for the greater Down syndrome and disabilities community since it opened in 1996.  The Center has worked directly with families and care providers, provided hands-on training and coursework for direct care staff, and has supported innovative research by leading universities, clinicians, and scientists, that has grown our knowledge on Down syndrome. 

We invite you to support the Center's ongoing mission of service, outreach, life planning, education, and research. Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement.

Please note: Donations to The Kennedy Willis Center on Down Syndrome are processed by the Pathfinder Village Foundation. The Pathfinder Village Foundation is an independent non-profit support agency that raises funds and public awareness in support of Pathfinder Village's mission and the ongoing work of The Kennedy Willis Center on Down Syndrome.  All donations made in support of the Center are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.